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Painting Standards
My highest painting standard, the pinnacle of my creationism.
What to expect
High-Quality Paint Scheme
Full Highlights and Recess Shading
Object Source Lighting
Full Detailing
Special Attention on Characters
Custom Feature Bases
The valour of the studio, breeder of orcs, trolls and dragons. 
What to expect
Quality Paint Scheme
Highlights and Recess Shading
Basic Detailing
Full Detailing and Object Source Lighting on Characters
Custom Bases
No mere conjurers, dont expect any cheap tricks.
What to expect
Good Paint Scheme
Basic Highlights
Some Detailing
Basic Detailing and Recess Shading on Characters
Basic Basing
All commissions are unique and aim to fulfil your vision for your forces. As such each painting standard is customisable to your own specificaions. Often this includes, scenic bases or dioramas, 'character' standards or miniature conversions as add-ons for a truely personalised force. If this is something you are interested please don't hesitate to get in touch, it's always exciting to work on custom forces.
Terrain Standard
Simple, effective and cost-efficient world building
What to expect
Solid Paint Scheme
Basic Highlighting and Detialing
Basic Weathering or Recess Shading
Interested in commissioning me 
or simply enquiring?
Fill out the form below or email me at:

What I need from you!

The exact miniatures you want painting, the standard you want them painting to, a brief idea of paint scheme, any themes or ideas across the force, whether you will be providing prebuilt models or whether you will be providing the kit yourself.

If you're happy with your commission I'd love to hear from you. Please keep in touch and update me with your force and its progress via my email, facebook page or instagram.
Thank you for contacting Cranky Studios .Studio times are 10:00 - 18:00, Tuesday - Friday but emails are normally done on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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Studio Days: Tuesday - Friday
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